About us

Hello and Welcome to MindTank! Chances are that if you’re here you or someone you know has been or is affected by mental illness, a category which unfortunately is inclusive of pretty much everyone.

Mental health and the stigma, misunderstanding and ignorance around it is a big problem in modern society. For those who suffer from any mental illness it can often feel very lonely.

Everyone writing here is a “normal” person, you may have passed them in the street, you may have worked with them. They are also someone who has been affected in some way by mental health issues, whether it be to themselves, a family member, a loved one, a friend, a workmate or anyone who they share their life with.

At times mental illness’ may make you wonder what the hell’s going on up there? Through reading about similar experiences, finding out how other people have experienced and understood their illness, we hope this will help you relate to what people often silently suffer through. After all relating to other people is what makes us human. So welcome to MindTank, we hope it helps.

To contact the site please email info@mindtank.co.uk

Follow us on Twitter at @MindTankBlog

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