What Is MindTank?

MindTank is a place where people can share stories relating to any Mental Health problems, be that from a first or second hand perspective.

Who Can Contribute?

Anyone. There is no brief, no deadline and no pressure. Write whatever you are comfortable writing. If you feel like sharing your story we know that other people would find this helpful.

How Can I Get In Contact?

We are available at info@mindtank.co.uk, our Twitter (@MindTankBlog) has open direct messages, and we can also be reached through Facebook.

Writing Anonymously

We respect the privacy of every writer and will not make anyone publish their work under their name if they are not comfortable with this. Please let us know.

Trigger Warnings

As all of the articles on this site deal with very real and emotional problems, we will try to tag every article for trigger warnings. If we miss anything please let us know.

Taking Advice

Unless stated that the writer is a mental health professional all advice given on this site is written from a personal perspective and may not apply to everyone.

Who Owns Uploaded Content?

You do. We don’t take ownership of anything written on MindTank. They are your words, you own them.

Help From Professionals

Our Places To Find Help page has links and information about organisations and medical practices that can help anyone who feels like they need it.