My tips for keeping anxiety away

1. Distraction. Your brain has the attention span of Homer Simpson, watch TV, read, walk, talk to someone, if you keep your brain distracted it won’t dwell on negative thoughts. It’s not always easy but I find it very helpful.

2. Keep in the present. Worrying about the past or future is natural, but try not to worry about things that haven’t happened or won’t happen.

3. Write. Write everything down, thoughts, fears, feelings. No matter how trivial they may seem. It always helps.

4. Talk. Always talk to people, there will always be someone you know who will listen. They may not understand completely but they will listen and try to help. Sometimes just be saying your fears out loud it can dilute them.

5. Breathe. The simplest way to keep calm, yet often the hardest to achieve, is to breathe deeply. There are a multitude of tips and tricks to help with breathing, you will find one that helps.

One final tip, if all of these fail, and they may, anxiety is a sneaky shit and won’t go away forever, is to feel grounded. If you feel an attack starting, hold onto something, a chair, wall, door handle, something real that isn’t going anywhere. It can help you focus on breathing and slow down the panic that can consume you.