Getting to grips with who I am…

Bloody hell where do I start with this!? Well, here goes nothing…

I guess I’ll lay it all out while I’ve temporarily got the guts. I got diagnosed with depression and axiety 6 months ago and haven’t adjusted. I’ve (for now) declined medication and the idea of therapy scares me senseless! Telling anyone this side of me terrifies me. Nobody knows.

I guess I’m writing this for two reasons. Firstly, any tips from anyone who’s been in my situation would be amazing! Seriously I really mean that! Secondly, for what it’s worth, I can offer a few tips from what I have learned to help me

1- It’s absolutely worth seeing a doctor if you think you need help! I pinpointed where it all began for me but went 2 years without seeking help. I left the doctors strangely relieved to actually put a label on what I have. I remember thinking “ok let’s sort this out!”…naive maybe

2- Conquer little things. From a little bit of housework to actually leaving the house for a walk. Borrow a dog! Take it to the beach/park! If I’m in a crowded place I struggle. I basically think MOST of the general public are arse holes! But finding a quiet place where it’s just me, my hound and fresh air (phones only allowed for photos of him) seems to re-set me and clear my head from over-thinking every little damn thing

3- Music. Find a song, an album, an artist that you play just for you! Trust me, it’s there! Even the journey of finding it can help!

4- The Internet! A six month younger me would be saying I’m a jackass but what does he know? He’d never think I’d write something and share it! (Albeit anonymously).

Sites like this have helped me…A LOT!

Strangers telling their stories and offering advice are really helping me believe it might just be ok to be me….